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Miss & Mr. Avantgarde Netherlands is much more than a beauty contest. It also focuses on art, creativity and promotes awareness in the fields of environment and sustainability. In addition, Miss and Mr. Avantgarde is a platform where new talents get the chance to grow in their career. The most of this opportunities are concentrated within the model, photography and fashion world.


Beauty may be expressed in different ways and can be appreciated from different perspectives. Within MA, both, the outer and the inner beauty of the contestants will be reviewed and highly appreciated. One of the most comprehensive weapons of beauty is harmony. This makes it important for our participants to find the right balance between harmony and the right proportions of aesthetics.


For MA, the environment is central. This thought wants to convey MA to its participants. As a living example, a “Recycle Costume” is included in MA, which plays an important role throughout the entire election.


The MA platform has been created to motivate and support new talents. In most elections, the designer receives little or no attention. As a result, MA is one of the very first elections to pay special attention to this. The names of the designers are published and their interaction with the public is also greatly appreciated. Throughout this process, the designers and misses collaborate on their ‘Recycle Costume’, where the Eco-Friendly concept comes back. In the end, the designer is likely to win a price called ‘Best Recycling Designer Avantgarde’.


Photography is a new modality that MA has created for the stimulation and guidance of unidentified photographers. Within this modality, photographers and misters work together on their final product that consists of three pictures. It is an indoor and outdoor photo and a black and white photo that is judged by composition and creativity. Thus, photographers are likely to win the award ‘Best Photographer Avantgarde’.


David Cardenas, national director of the election, builds his career in Caracas, Venezuela. During his career as a stylist, make-up artist and fashion designer, Cardenas gets the chance to coach participants of international elections. From that moment on, Cardenas wishes to further his career, and at that moment he takes the step to go to Europe. While traveling throughout Europe, he falls in love with the Netherlands, her culture, her people and many other features that make it a special country. From then on, Cardenas has enough reasons to move to the Netherlands.


Finalist Miss Avantgarde The Netherlands 2018


Finalist Mr Avantgarde The Netherlands 2018



Finalist Photographer Miss & Mr Avantgarde The Netherlands 2018



Finalist  Designer Miss & Mr Avantgarde The Netherlands 2018


National & Creative Director

David Cardenas

Public Relations & Coordination

Vicky Zimmerman

General Coordinator

Alberto Nava

Graphic Design & Social Media Coaching

Luis M. Restrepo Silva


Michiel Borgart


Aneudi Cabral

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