David Cardenas, national director of the election, builds his career in Caracas, Venezuela. During his career as a stylist, makeup artist and fashion designer, Cardenas gets the chance to coach participants of international elections. From that moment on, Cardenas wishes to further his career, and at that moment he takes the step to go to Europe. While traveling throughout Europe, he falls in love with the Netherlands, its culture, its people and many other features that make it a special country. From then on, Cardenas has enough reasons to move to the Netherlands.

In 2010 Cardenas coincidentally meets Miss Desiree van den Berg. He has the task of doing her makeup and during this process they interview each other. Van den Berg tells Cardenas about her participation as Miss Nederland for the international election of Miss Universe. Cardenas, in turn, informs her about his experience as Misses coach and, despite the fact that the election will follow really soon, they conclude that Cardenas will coach her.

In 2012, Cardenas gets approached directly by Miss Netherlands. She asks him to coach Miss Nederland 2012. As a result, for the first time in 27 years, the Netherlands is again awarded a prize, this time in the third place for the title ‘Typical Costume’, using a costume called ‘Mosaic’. Due to this prize, Van den Berg is given the opportunity to continue to the ‘Miss International’ election in which she later wins second place for ‘Typical Costume’ and, in addition, becomes the first finalist of the entire miss election. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers’ is now the inspiration for the typical costume.

After this success in 2012, Cardenas will be able to coach the following misses:

Stephanie Tency – Miss Universe 2013 (7th Place for Typical Costume – Peacock Amsterdam)

Jacqueline Steenbeek – Miss World 2013 (10th Place for Gala Costume)

Yasmin Verheijen – Miss Universe 2014 (4th finalist in the whole Miss Universe election)

Finally, Cardenas decides to start his own Miss Avantgarde election. He discusses his concepts with his girlfriend and business partner Vicky Zimmerman. By 2015, they begin to develop the Miss Avantgarde election. A while later, in 2016, it transforms into a Miss and Mr. Avantgarde event.

The Miss and Mr. Avantgarde election distinguishes itself from similar events. It’s the first one in which a fashion designer plays a main role by collaborating with a miss, using his or her creation. A requirement is that the creation must consist of recyclable materials. With this creation, they are looking for candidates to earn the title ‘Best Recycling Designer’ together. On the other hand, Mr. Avantgarde will be working closely with his own photographer. This is intended to present a final selection of three pictures. This selection includes a black and white photo, an indoor and outdoor photo. They work together with the relevant selection in order to obtain the ‘Best Photographer Avantgarde’ award.

The entire Miss and Mr. Avantgarde concept was designed and developed by professional fashion designer David Cardenas. David is famous in the fashion world by his special creations for Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and other global elections.

Participants are coached towards the final within a time frame of a few months. In addition, they are accompanied by an experienced team from the fashion and beauty world, which provides them the finest tricks of the profession.